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Ok ... So have finally sorted the stripboard kits for sale, no idea why it has taken me so long.

 As usual I've tried to keep things simple and failed spectacularly...  All the kits come with come with a pre-drilled Veroboard (no need to break tracks), Wires (Solid core & Stranded) and an LED and resistor.  

  • BASE  - This Kit contains all the components to build the actual circuit board (pictured above) but has no Controls or Jacks included. This kit is perfect for if you want to breadboard the circuit and/or experiment with different control set ups from your parts bin.
  • FULL KIT - This Kit Contains all the components from the BASE Kit, Switched IN & OUT Jacks and heavy Duty PP3 (9v Battery) Battery Snap ...Plus your choice of Control Pack ...  Full Fat, Low Fat or Fat Free.     






























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