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Mole & Gun Sweatshirt [][][]

Just a quick sweatshirt I made using Flock vinyl (white) and standard Textile vinyl. Not for anyone or anything, just wanted to see what it would look like. Looks alright. If only I wasn't such a fat cunt I would probably wear this.  






 Retro joy black hoody [][][]



 Robots Hoody [][][]

I really wish I could screen print properly because I really like this design but I just don't trust the Tshirt Vinyl when it comes to fine pinstripes like this. They tend to wrinkle when washed and then start peeling off after a few washes because there is not enough surface area to really adhere to the fabric. 





Riki's Gun mole Hoody [][][] 




Hoody I made for my brother in law Riki. Simplified Gun Mole design printed in flock (white) and regular vinyl on a Gilden Heavyweight black hoody. Tag on hood and mylk[][][] logo's  on drawstrings.  








 Hypocrite Cross Tshirt [][][]

Because no one lies like liars for Jesus...... If Religion doesn't even make you behave like a better person what is the fucking point. I could cope with the obvious falsnes and utter ridiculousness of religion if it at least actually made people behave like better human beings but it absolutely doesn't. It just gives people an excuse for their abominable behaviour. That pesky devil.....always trying to drag you down. 


Robot are our Friends Prints [][][]

Been doing some work on Robots are our friends [][][] design. Had to fiddle about with it a bit to get it to cut ok with the Tshirt vinyl but got it all working fine. Playing around with colours  at the minute making stuff for me and faye (been promising to make her a new hoody since last Christmas). Also need to make some decisions on the detailing. Really like the red laces in the blue hoody for some reason, faye...? not so keen. Took a picture to remind me before i had to replace em with white ones, boo.



Skulls pattern Tshirt [][][]


 This was just a quick t shirt I made for myself  from my skulls surface pattern design. Was painting a picture frame with the same pattern cut from paint mask so thought I may as well run one off with Tshirt Vinyl. Actually looks much better than I thought it would. Wasn't really sure how to use this design on a Tshirt print, who new all you had to do was draw a box around it. Will have to do one as a pile o' skulls without the bounding box. 




Jeans pocket Test print [][][]

Quick test of cut vinyl on denim, actually turned reasonably well. There is some smudging of the vinyl because it's hard to get an even pressure with an iron on such an uneven surface (must get a heat press soon) and also didn't help that the jeans were worn and not new, but overall not bad. I like the way the vinyl sits on the denim, it really melts into the deep ridges and looks indistinguishable form the screen printed rising sun on my old bench jeans.  Next time I'll try it with some stiffer new jeans and probably make an insert for the pocket to even out the surface.

 Update [Feb 27 2012] : Started coming off in places, Could be to do with uneven pressure or could be denim? not really sure? Might do a test on a flat piece although my guts telling me it's the fabric


Role models was on Tv the other night. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch, very funny. I've liked Paul Rudd since he played Phoebe's boyfriend in friends, but its Jayne Lynch's character and the whole Sturdy Wings set up that really made me laugh. My wife Faye asked me to make her a sturdy wings Tshirt so obviously I had no choice but to oblige.  





New Exploding Sun Designs [][][]

Really like these, was just a happy accident as I was playing around with the layers on an illustrator image. Not really suitable for Heat press vinyl but should be good for when I get round to sorting out some screen printing gear. 



Nova Sun stroke Hoody [][][] 





Still one of my favourite designs, a stroked version of my exploding sun design ( my take on the japanese rising sun ) on a Lime green hoody. Made this one for my friend Lynsey fo Xmas . 


Vespa hoody colour tests [][][]


Just trying some different colour options for the Vespa hoody. Actually quite like the lime green which I am surprised about as it's not one of my favorite colours. 



Abstract Vespa Hoody [][][]


Made this one for my friend Eddie as a Xmas present and always happens never seemed to find the time to make myself one. I thought the black and red looked really nice and having never been a football fan I never gave a second thought to any connotations the colour choice might have. Apparently if your a Leeds fan wearing black and red is really bad (Man United colours don't you know),who Knew. 


Above is the the "Cut" sheet vector image i made for running through the cutting machine. It pay's to think ahead and be economical with the vinyl sheets  




Simplified Gun Mole [][][]





Mylk swallow Tshirt [][][]

I love this Tshirt design but I just can't wear it because I am too fat. Big prints, especially when they are done in vinyl which can be quite heavy when used in big blocks tend to accentuate all your lumps and bumps if you're a big 'n. Real shame..... I really must lose some tub. The situation might be marginally improved if I screen printed the design but ultimately the only thing thats really gonna sort out the problem is for me to get down the gym and lose the 'moobs'.





New style Robots are our friends T [][][] 






New Hoody design ideas [][][]


Found these really nice Teal / Indigo blue hoodys by gilden, from - Just playing around with ideas and print colours. My favorites probably the skewed Gasket design (it's a warped image of a Vespa 166 head Gasket) although it probably wouldn't make much sense to anyone but me. I think even the most ardent Vespa fan would struggle to recognise what it is. Not that that is the worst thing in the world but it's nice when images have some kind of recognisable context.





Mylk swallow Tshirt print [][][] 



Designed this a while ago but originally made it using god awful vinyl colours for some reason. The banner was gold and I think the body of the swallow was silver ?? Must have been doing testing or something, anyway I never ended up wearing it so I thought I would make myself another one while I had a spare minute and a blank Tshirt kicking about. Could really do with screen printing this one when I get the gear to do it as the vinyl can be quite heavy/thick for such a large design. 




Accidental overlays [][][] I know these actually look like a fuxking mess but there are certain elements I like so I stuck these heere to remind myself. Don't know why but I really like the blue and orange on brown 








Passive aggressive Tshirt [][][]







Smunky Models [][][]

Had the idea the other day to use the Smunky (sock monkey) pictures I have been messing about with as models for the my Tshirt designs.  I really like em, particularly for displaying slogan designs I thinks its the blank but slightly menacing expressions. 




Mylk swallow Tshirt print [][][]

Designed this a while ago but originally made it using god awful vinyl colours for some reason. The banner was gold and I think the body of the swallow was silver ?? Must have been doing testing or something, anyway I never ended up wearing it so I thought I would make myself another one while I had a spare minute and a blank Tshirt kicking about. Could really do with screen printing this one when I get the gear to do it as the vinyl can be quite heavy/thick for such a large design.  




New Slogan Tshirt designs [][][]

Been doing some work on a new format for some of the Longer slogans. The standard plain text format I really like for the shorter phrases but I felt I needed to come up something a bit more visually interesting for the longer ones rather than It just be a block of  double line spaced text with a [][][] on the end. 





Abstract Vespa print in flock  [][][]

White flock print of skewed vespa  brown Tshirt, forgot to reverse the image so made it backwards by mistake, gonna make a few tweaks to the image i think, but i like it. Would make a good hoody print.  




Barcoded Tshirt [][][] 




Smunky Magic [][][] 



Orange stroke Mole hoody [][][]


Just a straightforward mylk[][][] - mole Logo Hoody done with Heat press Vinyl. Made this for one of my wife's friends as a leaving present and somehow again managed not to make myself one. All the hoody's I own are all the fucked up ones where I have made a mistake with the printing while making a hoody for someone else. One of these days I'll actually get it together and make myself something nice to wear instead of all the cast offs. 



Gun mole Tshirt design [][][] 

Vinyl testing Gun Mole [][][] design. Had to simplify the design to 2 colours and just use a stoked outline rather than the block filled and drop shadowed effect of the original design due to the limitations of the medium. I quite like this trimmed down version. 



Carton Girl Hoody design [][][]


Had to simplify this a fair bit to get it to cut as a vinyl print but I think I got it to work. Only 2 colours used...normal black vinyl and Flock whit for a bit of added luxury. I love the flock but it gets dirty really quickly and you have to wipe the fuzz and dust that collects on it daily. 


I do quite like this one, I think it worked out reasonably well considering the design compromises. Think this one is a prime candidate for screen printing to retain the shading and subtle colour changes of the original carton girl [][][] design   



Skull on black (no outline) [][][]

Simple mylk skull design on black t shirt. Based on one of my all time favourite Tshirts. A black paul frank one with a Julias skull and Crossbones on the front I Bought from Las Vegas when I was their getting married. Next time I'm gonna make it without the mylk[][][] Txt, keep it simple.



Exploding Sun stroke hoody [][][]



Vespa stroke Hoody [][][]

 Had a bit of a play around with Similar ste up to  but with less stuff and not as good. All printing  done with vinyl as far as i can tell, so nothing i can't really do at home. may re-visit at a later date, not really had much time to mess about with it properly. 



Exploding sun stroke Tshirt  [][][]






Why am i so big [][][] 

I honestly don't know...? It was a doodle in my sketchbook I can't remember doing.  All I know is I really like it. The "why am I so big" quote is  from alan partridge where he's moaning about the farmers keeping poor confused , giant genetically modified chickens in huge barns wondering why.......? Why  am I so big.....? Why God.....why?




Vespa Stroke on brown [][][] 




Exploding sun Tshirt [][][]

 Simple 2 colour print of Exploding/Nova sun design utilizing Tshirt base colour in desig. I really like this one simple but bold and striking. 





Outlined Skull Tshirt [][][]





Pizza Box packaging [][][] 


Stroked Robot hoody [][][]




Retro Joy [][][]




 The atari 2600 and it's joystick is a true design icon despite it being absolutely shit at it's only job. Nostalgia does funny things to a person's memory. I don't think I ever even owned an atari when I was young and find most of the games completely unplayable, yet I still can't see an atari 2600 joystick without instantly being transported back to the 80's when life was simpler and I didn't have to worry about how much a boiler costs to fix or mortgage interest rates......then I remember playing pitfall or E.T and I thank the imaginary bearded man in the sky for iphones and PSP's and the interweb. 






Mylk TV devil [][][]




 Tattooish Tshirt [][][]




 Just a design I did based on the shoulder section of my tattoo. Was playing around with photoshop filters when I came up with the genesis of this design which you can see here. You can also see other tattoo based art work on my sketchbook page here 





Packaging ideas and testing [][][]

Bought some plain pizza boxes online, thought they would make good Tshirt boxes. Playing around with designs using cut vinyl decals to create mock ups.





mylk TV Hoody designs [][][]






Vespa Stroke design [][][]






Design testing at work [][][]




fancy a wrestle [][?][]........... "Quiero una lucha


I often think men who constantly want to wrestle each other would just be much happier if they were able to get rid of their hang ups and prejudices and just be gay. I'm sure they would just be happier and more fulfilled in the long run.   I had 2 overly macho friends at Uni who were constantly injuring each other as a result of impromptu wrestling sessions when drunk which eventually culminated in one of them breaking the other ones wrist as the both tumbled down the stairs. I am sure they would both have been much better off showing each other their winkys and having a proper kiss and a cuddle rather than having to break each other's limbs just to have an excuse to brush up against each other.......Just be Gay, it's fine 



Playing with skull design [][][]




Layered vinyl  Testing [][][]


 Just experimenting with layering colours. Works really well but unfortunately the vinyl is quite thick and it just feels too heavy when layered up and worn on a Tshirt. Probably wouldn't feel too bad on a hoody or Jacket or something but really I think this kind of design would be better served as a screen print. Still a useful designing and testing tool I suppose provided you are only using block colours. 





First goes with vinyl cutter designs [][][]

These are just my first Tshirt making test's after realising I could use my little cutting machine to cut Heat press vinyl.  I didn't have any vectors drawn at the time so I just downloaded some free Dings' fonts from the tinterweb and just used those as the basis for a couple of designs  











OLD STUFF [][][]