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The cutting machine I bought to cut stencils for airbrushing and eventually ended up using mainly to make tshirts and hoodys [ See Clothes stuff ] also does decals. Haven't really made the most of this fact if I am honest but here are just some odds and sods I have either cut with my little machine or designs I plan to make if I ever find the time. 






Sketchbook Scans [][][]











WTF Smunkey on table [][][]



Logo Decal sheet [][][]




 Frosted flame Dean ML [][][]


Bought some clear frosted Vinyl to play with from http://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/ where I buy my cutting shit from. Thought it might be a nice understated alternative to the regular stuff. To be honest am not really blown away. Was expecting something much more translucent but it has quite a pronounced grey/silver sparkle to it which wasn't really what I was after. Was aiming for something more akin to spraying a design in matt lacquer over gloss lacquer.....something that you can only see from certain angles or in certain lighting conditions.





 Robot[s]Sticker/tag design [][][] 






Robot decal on Telecaster [][][]












Old record player [][][] 






Robots in my living room [][][] 



Vinyl weeding [][][]






Retro Rockets [][][]





"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing".......[Stephen R Covey]








Robot on beetle [][][]







Stubby Flames Laptop [][][]






Stubby Flames Decal [][][]







More Robots [][][]




Refining Robot decal design [][][]







Tshirt Pizza Boxes [][][]







Fire decal cut sheet design [][][]








Swallow Banner [][][] 








First Robot decal [][][]












welcome to mylk[][][] vinyl decals