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Street fighter anyone [?]Been doing some work designing GBA mini arcade [project] while I have Been on night shift, coming along nicely [][][]http://www.mylkstuff.com/page20.htm

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

............ Leonardo Da Vinci


"How to build a guitar amp"  


How to Build your own awesome sounding guitar amp, no previous electronics experience required. From a tiny mini amp that only uses a handful of components to a fully fully featured full size practice amp that will give any store bought amp a run for it's money in the tone department.  

  • Easy to follow schematics that can be read by anyone 
  • Step by step instructions with pictures 
  • Learn how the circuits works and what the components do 
  • Learn how customise and add extra features to you amp and...
  • How to mod your existing gear







How to add frontlight unit from a GameBoy Advance - SP to a Game Boy Colour ... but not in the shitty way that makes you want to throw it against a wall




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