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Hello my name is jody and I make stuff, this is the stuff I make. Occasionally i make stuff for money but seldom enjoy it. Usually I just do it because I'm obsessive and little bit mental, and that makes me much happier. This is my website, here you can see pictures of the aforementioned stuff. Although to precisely what end I am ultimately unsure. 




"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

............ Leonardo Da Vinci


Basically... If you have ever thought to yourself, "What i really need right now is for some tattooed fat nobhead i never met, with no discernible talents or credentials, to tell me 'what he reckons' about shit I don't care about ". Congratulations, mylkstuff.com has been created especially for you.........You're welcome.




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Street fighter anyone [?]Been doing some work designing GBA mini arcade [project] while I have Been on night shift, coming along nicely [][][]http://www.mylkstuff.com/page20.htm
















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