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My name is Jody and I make stuff. Sometimes I make stuff for money but seldom enjoy it. Usually I make stuff because I'm obsessive and a little bit mental and that makes me much happier. This is my website where you can see pictures of the aforementioned stuff... although to precisely what end I am ultimately unsure. My wife bought me this website as a 'build your own website kit' for Christmas many years ago and since then it has been the bane of my existence. I am not a hipster.

Street fighter anyone [?]Been doing some work designing GBA mini arcade [project] while I have Been on night shift, coming along nicely [][][]http://www.mylkstuff.com/page20.htm


"Everything should be made as simple as possible ... but no simpler"

   ..... Albert Einstein              





 vero layout - mylk386The mylk[386]amp is a super versatile and easily modifiable DIY guitar amp circuit I developed to use in my Mini Guitar amp and Travel Guitar designs. The amp circuit can be configured and used a number of different ways depending on your needs or preferences and all variations can be built from one 'BASE' Schematic and 'VEROBOARD' layout. The amp can be built using easily available off the shelf parts and I provide full step by step instructions so even a novice can tackle it. Build Kits Now available.








Guitar [stuff]

This page is dedicated to my love of all things electric guitar. I have played on and off since I was about 13 and have never been particularly good. I do However like faffing with things, taking shit to pieces and chopping bits off stuff.


Retro Joy [stuff]

I have of late, found myself reminiscing about the many innocent and joyous hours spent playing SNES games as a youth with my friend Richard and the £'s wasted on the Streetfighter II Turbo arcade in the local chippy trying to master the fireball and the dragon punch.


Clothing design [stuff]

I have always made and modified my own clothes throughout the the years with varying degrees of success. Those degrees ranging from really fucking bad to moderately awful. checkout the my latest t shirt and hoody designs here.



Sketchbook [stuff]

This is my sketchbook. Its just a dumping ground for ideas I haven't found a use for yet. I don't really enjoy drawing or doing graphic design. I find it really fucking stressful but I have been known to pull it out of the bag and create something passable when I really have to.



If you want to contact me, you can ether drop me a message on my guestbook or email






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